Time flies – week 2 & 3

First of all I should apologize for anyone that is interested, for the lack of content recently. Things are getting more busy here in Rejsby. And by Rejsby I mean the efterskole, not the town itself.

Secondly, have some music:


The students have seem to have gotten comfortable with living here, friendships have been formed and the days are filled with good humour and laughter. As for me, I’m also enjoying my time. The Danish course has started in Skærbæk, which is the neighbouring town some half an hour away by bike. Of course I could use the train as a method of transportation, but a little biking never killed anybody. Okay, it probably has, but anyway you get my point. The cours itself is nice, I’ve been put into the advanced group with people that have been living in Denmark for some time now. They obviously have more experience with speaking the language than I do, but my reading comprehension is pretty good. In my case it’s more like a “forget-norwegian-intonation-and-learn-some-new-words” course. Hopefully in a few months I’ll have no problem with effectively speaking Danish.

At the school I’ve been helping out in the kitchen a bit, and generally just hanging out with the students, which is a form of informal education, so it’s beneficial both for me and them. We held a presentation on Thursday with Andrea about our background, our countries and explained just what exactly we are doing or planning to do here at the efterskole. I think it helped clear the picture for the students regarding who we are, so now they have a story to put behind our faces. We have been assigned classes that we visit, in my case EU studies and English mostly, but later the semester (uh, school-year?) we’ll be assisting in the religions class and do our own things as well. On Tuesdays we have night watch, which means that at night we check that everyone is in their rooms, say goodnight. On the positive side we still get to just hang out with them before that, so we can go training, play billiard, playstation or badminton (tollaslabda) which is very popular here. On the other hand night duty is until 23:00, so less sleep on Tuesdays.

The food is good, with 5 meals a day, but only one warm meal. I’m used to eating more meat to be honest, but I can just make my own food up here in our kitchen if I’m in need. It’s mostly potatoes and pork, which is not that big a difference from what we have access to in Hungary.

Yesterday I went to Ribe in the evening, pretty late as usual (Danish people go out late compared to what I’m used to). But that’s completely understandable seeing the high price of alcohol. The night life is nice, even though Ribe is a small town, everyone can find to soothe their appetites: smaller pubs and party places are both available. Through Ricardo and Andreas I’ve met some people with whom I can hopefully hang out in the future. It’s nice to just unwind every few weeks and meet new faces. All in all yesterday was nice, had a few drinks, but mostly talked and played “tablefootball” (csocsó!). I arrived back at 6 in the morning. Nothing like cycling 13 kms at dawn, seeing the first rays of the late summer sun caress the dewy fields and cover the sleeping cows with a gentle light. Poetry.


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